Can easily breed bilingual cute babies without a foreign teacher, with super detailed English enlightenment route

The idea of ​​English enlightenment began in two months, and it has been 30 months since its implementation. The effect is quite good. I hope to share my experience with more mothers in need. I also hope to get more resonance from my mother in this regard, and to inspire myself to move forward.

A win-win investment

I am an engineering girl, not very good at code words, so I can only show our enlightenment mental journey in the form of a resume. It seems simple, but it is the precious experience I have gained over 30 months of hard work. I hope it will be helpful to parents who want to start English enlightenment.

In the past 30 months, I can study only when the child is sleeping. I gave up the time for beauty and fitness and got a bilingual cute baby.

But I think it’s worth it, because these 30 months have gained valuable experience in helping children acquire a second language, which has laid a solid foundation for him to try his best in the future.

I also opened a second window for my career. When my children don’t need my care, I might be an English-speaking tour guide or a foreign trade worker.

personal information

Can easily breed bilingual cute babies without a foreign teacher, with super detailed English enlightenment route

Male treasure English name: Albert

Start of enlightenment: 3 months after birth

Current age: 33 months

Enlightenment duration: 30 months

learning target

Cultivate bilingual paparazzi close to the native level

Achievement display

1500+ listening vocabulary;

He can sing many English children’s songs such as five little monkeys, you’re my sunshine, rock by baby, mother goose nursery rhymes, etc. As long as I often sing to him, I can sing them, and the pronunciation is very clear in his age group;

I can understand daily questioning in 5w1h and have a basic grasp of English communication grammar. For example, ask why he knows to answer with because; ask what’s the time? Will answer it’s six o’clock although I still can’t tell the time;

Not to mention weather, life, food, clothing, shelter and transportation;

Retell long sentences;

A cheerful and optimistic child who loves to laugh without a foreign teacher can easily bred bilingual cute babies, with super detailed English enlightenment route

Acquisition process

From output half syllable→word→phrase→short sentence→long sentence

Enlightenment method

Mother does it by herself, nursery rhymes + picture books + cartoons + daily communication

When the child’s listening vocabulary was 1000+, I signed up for the offline English training class. After five classes, I found that it was not suitable and refunded. Later, the early education class took eight ABC classes with foreign teachers, which was still too simple. The children only liked the rhythmic exercises inside, and then they didn’t.

Can easily breed bilingual cute babies without a foreign teacher, with super detailed English enlightenment route

Experience in the process of enlightenment

Early Enlightenment

Before starting the enlightenment, take a look at the experience sharing of the predecessors, and start teaching students in accordance with their own children’s characteristics and abilities.

I analyzed the common characteristics of these seniors. Their parents are basically engaged in English work, and they are all research talents. They have clear goals, strong will, and the corresponding financial resources to provide children with opportunities for regular contact with foreign teachers or foreign friends.

So I think that their children’s better results in English learning are mainly the result of the persistence of their parents and the influence of foreign teachers (there may be no foreign teachers, but the motivation of the children will be worse. The existence of foreign teachers can let children know that in the world except their parents It is said that there are indeed foreigners who speak English specifically, or children will be more inclined to speak Chinese as their mother tongue.)

Time to start learning English

This is undoubtedly of course the sooner the better. Because our purpose of learning English is to take the test first, and then to communicate. Of course, it would be great if we can add points to the work in the future.

Since it’s an exam, it’s necessary to study earlier. Now there are only two classes a week in English in daily teaching. If you want to cope with the exam, you still need to rely on a lot of extracurricular tutoring. This will inevitably take up the study time of other subjects. You will be overwhelmed in grades. English is a language, just like the dialect spoken by grandparents, it can be taught from birth without hindering the learning of Chinese at all.

Learning Content

The experience of many people can’t be more detailed, basically the same.

What family English enlightenment can bear fruit, ultimately depends on the company and persistence given by the family, as well as effective education methods.

The most effective company actually only requires one to two hours a day.

1 Related to daily life

What do you say in Chinese for eating and drinking, and how to sleep in English?

Prepare a sentence or two for each scene, learn it by yourself first, and talk to it when taking care of the children. It is not difficult for us who have learned English.

The important thing is to dare to speak, as long as the original audio input is strong enough, the accent will not affect the child.

2 nursery rhymes

Don’t be greedy, don’t compare, one poem a week, just like a poem enlightenment with a child, one poem a week is enough, and a large amount will be produced in a year.

Of course, the priority of children’s songs to be close to life, count and shape can be arranged.

The complicated ones are okay, because eventually the children will reproduce it for you, just like the mother goose nursery rhyme

Tom he was a piper’s son,he learned to play when he was young, but all the tunes that he could play, was over the hills and far away, over the hills and great way off, the wind shall blow my the top-not off.

I sang this song to Albert when he was over a year old. Now he can sing the song completely after he can speak long sentences, just like memorizing a poem. Of course, I usually explain to him, such as telling him that piper is a musical instrument and show him pictures. Will tell him that you’re young, grandmother is old. There are also nouns involved in daily, so that when the child reaches a certain stage, he will understand the meaning of this song.

3 Picture books

For the little month old baby, of course it is best to read the book. Parents use exaggerated expressions and tone to always attract the baby’s attention. For example, Dear zoo easily learns a bunch of animal names. Before the child speaks, just input it, and it will naturally output when it is output.

(Here’s my point of view: the child’s speech is directly proportional to the input. As long as the parents talk to him a lot every day, it is inevitable to speak early. If you talk late around you, excluding pathological factors, it is basically caused by the lack of input. But You can basically talk very slippery before school age, but this is also the result of years of accumulation. At the same time, it is necessary to admit that the depth of the child’s language is not the same)

Can easily breed bilingual cute babies without a foreign teacher, with super detailed English enlightenment route

Secondly, I choose classic picture books with beautiful melody and catchy. First of all, I used the first two seasons of Liao Caixing’s book list. The execution process was basically in accordance with Teacher Liao’s plan.

Two or three books a week, playing songs for at least one hour a day for children; take them to read in the evening.

In the early stage, the children were not so autonomous and were attracted by the beautiful melody, so our co-reading was quite good and very regular.

But later for various reasons, coupled with the fact that the child’s Chinese became better and better, and his self-awareness became stronger and stronger, he began to like to let us read his favorite Chinese picture books, such as Xiaojiqiuqiu, Baba Papa series, Xiaoxiong series, etc.

This again led me to search for new picture books that can attract children. Recently, I have entered some fairy tales, such as jack and beanstalk (Jack and the magic bean), the little red riding hood (Little Red Riding Hood), which may be a child’s cognition. The relationship has reached the story stage.

Can easily breed bilingual cute babies without a foreign teacher, with super detailed English enlightenment route

4 Animation

I started showing my child Peppa Pig since he was one and a half years old. At that time, I watched eight episodes a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I don’t know if he can’t read and understand. Anyway, he just can’t stop. I also think it’s okay to watch it for 20 minutes at a time. Later, when I was a little over two years old, it was prematurely short-sighted because various parties said that it was inappropriate to watch electronic products before the age of three. In addition, the child had rubbing his eyes while watching TV during that time, so he was taken to a tertiary hospital to have his eyesight tested, but did not take a mydriatic test. According to the instrument, the doctor said it was normal. But I was still a little bit scared. I was afraid that I would watch too much TV, so I pinched the TV decisively. I haven’t watched TV for more than half a month, and played outdoors every day, except for those who basically don’t have home for dinner and sleep. The child did not wink anymore.

So I decided that the TV and the picture book puzzles were all caused by eye-consuming things. I decisively pinched the TV, and the time to read the picture book was reduced to less than one hour, and the other amount was greatly reduced. I try my best to improve my oral English, speak English to him more, and learn to sing and demonstrate to him more. Who calls me a full-time mother? This is the embodiment of my value. Recently, animated cartoons such as little bear and paw patrol have been added, but the time is strictly limited.

5 English level of parents

Take me as an example. I was CET-6 in college. Later, my work involved email English, and I didn’t have the opportunity to speak English. When I first started English enlightenment, I could say basic words, but I didn’t have any stock of daily phrases like some movements, so I basically only spoke words to children in the early stage, like:

-What’s this?

-This is a flower,it’s a tiger.

Later, I learned a lot of nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes with the sss and various picture books recommended by the master. I learned a song and sang it to the child and demonstrated it with actions. So the first thing the child outputs is the words, then the hyphenated nursery rhymes and then the whole nursery rhyme.

As the child was two years old, I found that his Chinese ability was really good.

The poem is one a week, and the retelling is a mess. Idioms such as sparkling, messy, bullish and other idioms are also used just right. But when I look at English, he understands everything I say, but he doesn’t want to output it. He still stays at two or three short sentences or singing nursery rhymes. Daily communication is basically in Chinese.

I just think about where the problem is?

Recalling the process of communicating with the child, I found that I spoke a little faster, and that I only paid attention to output, but forgot to teach him how to answer.

For example, I asked What was your favorite part of the day?

He only talks about playing with sand, so I will add My favorite part of the day was digging sand with you.

Now he will whisper, I understand that because the sentence is too long and complicated, he hasn’t mastered it yet, but now it gets better day by day, and soon he will utter the complete sentence clearly. I also say Please pass me the cup when I eat.

Before he leaves the table, he will be reminded of What should you say?

He knows he wants to say May I leave the table? Wait

In short, in a single family communication environment, parents must tell or show him how to ask and answer. Otherwise, the child will only say yes no.

Next arrangement

After 30 months of learning English with my child, crossing the river by feeling the stones by myself, the child’s English enlightenment has basically started and formed a bilingual thinking. I also changed from being unable to tell to open my mouth. This is where a win-win situation lies. . The next step is to learn vocabulary, introduce natural spelling and learning of subject knowledge, and these are all based on persistence and time accumulation.